Tooth Jewellery

Keep your smile catchy n attractive..

The concept and demand of dental jewelry is fast picking up globally, and India cannot remain untouched. The fine Indian Jewelry is already famously exported throughout the world. Besides non precious jewelry for teeth, the style statement for precious jewelry for tooth is increasingly becoming a part of cosmetic dentistry. A prospect for smile makeovers does not necessarily have to be a print media or TV model, Bollywood, Hollywood movie star or celebrity of national or international stature. The trend for teeth jewelry in semi-precious and precious white metals like silver and platinum as well as pure solid white or yellow gold is equally fast catching up with young and matures alike.

Tooth Jewellery is a brilliant way of adding an extra sparkle to your smile. Tooth jewelry are an elegant complement to standard jewelry and make you stand out. When a jewel is placed on your tooth, it creates a distinctive expression of your personality. During a painless procedure, our dentist fixes a jewel on the tooth surface. The jewel does not damage tooth tissues and has no side effects – except for the increased charm of your smile! Tooth jewelry can easily be removed and fixed again at a later stage without any side effects on the dental tooth structure as the procedure is non-invasive.

At Monarch Dental Care, we can give your teeth that outstanding sparkle you’ve always wanted. Ask our specialist about our specially procured Swarovski tooth crystals.