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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile captures and expresses the essence of your personality. Most often, that is the first thing people notice about you. With over 10 years of experience we are helping people to achieve the smile they always wanted. Even a slight change in your smile can make an exceptional difference to the way you look and feel. If you are self-conscious about your teeth, a cosmetic consultation is the first step to a new radiant smile and confident new you.

Crowns and Veneers

Crowns are an excellent restorative solution to badly damaged teeth due to injury or decay. They are also an aesthetic treatment option to help improve the overall look of your teeth and smile and as one of the options to cover discoloured teeth if internal bleaching is not an option. Veneers are also a great cosmetic treatment. They are a minimally invasive option for closing gaps or disguising discoloured teeth that did not respond well to whitening procedures. Veneers can be used to change the shape and colour of your teeth by using thin wafers of porcelain. These are custom made in a dental laboratory by a skilled technician that will blend different shades of porcelain to match the unique colours of your other teeth. When bonded to the tooth, they are incredibly strong and can give a very natural lifelike restoration that mimics your own natural tooth and thereby gives you an excellent smile.

What is a Crown and when is a Crown used as a treatment?

Dental crowns can be used to restore the shape, colour and function of teeth that are badly broken or very heavily restored with fillings.Crowns are generally among the longest lasting restorations and if looked after properly can provide an excellent aesthetic option as a protective treatment or as a cosmetic treatment. Crowns help to strengthen the overall tooth and filling arrangement. They are also used to protect teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, and as the final treatment on top of a dental implant.

What are the different types of crown available today ?

Dental crowns can be made from metal(gold, alloys), porcelain bonded to metal, all ceramic crowns or porcelain/zirconium crowns.Crowns are constructed to mimic the natural tooth and the colour/shade will be matched to the natural colour/shade of your teeth. Crowns are made according to need of the patient as per financial status and the purpose of fixing it.

What does the process of making a Crown involve ?

This usually involves two visits to the dentist. During the first visit the dental surgeon will file down some of your tooth structure on the chewing surface so that the sides of the crown can then fit over the tooth. This is called crown preparation. A mould impression/recording will then be taken of this prepared tooth for a crown to be made to fit your tooth. A colour match to your own personal shade will also be made.

At Monarch Dental Care, we select the Laboratories carefully, we partner with in order to ensure that the latest laser and digital technology is adopted and used to ensure the most accurately shaped and best aesthetic looking crowns are created for you. A temporary crown will be prepared and fitted for you at the initial preparation visit until your permanent crown is being made by the specialist laboratory and specially finished by a technician. At your second visit, the dental surgeon will fit and finish your crown using a dental cement so that it looks and feels perfect for you.

How Long Does It Take?

The procedure usually takes less than an hour. The manufacturing process takes around 10 working days, and the final fitting takes less than 30 minutes.

How Long Will They Last?

Current clinical research suggests that crowns and veneers made using modern materials can last at least 10-15 years, and even longer depending on diet, lifestyle and oral hygiene practices.

What are Veneers and when are they used as a treatment?

Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made laminates that are bonded to the surface of the teeth. Although they can be made from many different materials, most often porcelain is used because of its durability and aesthetic appearance. Veneers require minimal preparation of the tooth itself as only a very small amount of the enamel needs to be removed (approx. 0.5mm) compared to other cosmetic dental procedures.The finish of a veneer can make the teeth look natural and healthy.

What does the process of a Veneer involve?

Like with Crowns the treatment involves two visits with a dental surgeon. At your first visit the dental surgeon will take and impression and match the colour with your own teeth colour and fit a temporary veneer. At your second visit the dental surgeon will fit the custom made veneer and finish it in the clinic to create the perfect look for you.

Crowns and Veneers at Monarch Dental Care

For our Crowns / Veneers, we carefully select the Laboratories we partner with to craft our veneers/ crowns in order to ensure that the latest laser and digital technology is adopted and the best materials are used to ensure the most accurate shape and aesthetic look is created for you. If you would like more information about our crowns and veneers please call us on 8137999943 / 9446239984 or email us your query on and one of our dental surgeons will call you back.